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24 Canham Way, GREENWOOD WA 6024

Elliotts Irrigation has serviced the residential and commercial sectors of Western Australia’s irrigation market since 1984 as suppliers, designers, installers and maintenance personnel.

Included in our scope we also include more specialised areas such as iron filtration and agricultural irrigation design.

Our well stocked store caters for counter sales of residential and commercial equipment and we are proud of having on hand the most diversified range of irrigation equipment and knowledge all at our Greenwood store.

We encourage potential customers to venture in and discuss your needs as; you will determine that in irrigation Elliotts have few peers. We are not a member of a chain of stores, this is our base, and this is the home of our expertise, designers, management and hands on staff.

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24 Canham Way, Greenwood WA, Australia

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Elliot Taylor
Gary Caswell
Damien Endersbee
Hunter Pengilly
Steve Walker

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