About the Programs

The Waterwise Garden Irrigator Program and Waterwise Irrigation Design Shop Programs are self-study training and endorsement programs which aim to optimise water use efficiency and reduce water use in domestic irrigation systems.

The training within the programs was developed by Irrigation Australia in 2004 and covers the best practice standards for irrigation specifications, installation and design.  

In an unregulated irrigation industry, the Waterwise Programs have been created to assist the community identify those in the industry following best practice guidelines and striving to achieve maximum water use efficiencies in domestic gardens.

Endorsed members have undertaken extensive study and online assessments of their knowledge of best practice guidelines developed by industry experts.  

Regular professional development is required of members and regular audits are undertaken to maintain the integrity of the Waterwise Programs.

WHY TRUST Endorsed

Waterwise Individuals & Businesses


Endorsed individuals and businesses have been trained and undergone strict assessments in water efficiency best practices.

Apply Industry Best Practices

Waterwise endorsed individuals and businesses follow best practice guidelines in the installation and maintenance of irrigation systems developed by industry experts to achieve maximum water efficiencies in domestic gardens.

Continous Development

Waterwise endorsed individuals and businesses are required to conduct regular professional development. Regular audits are undertaken to ensure that the integrity of the Waterwise Programs is maintained.

Waterwise Programs

Waterwise Garden Irrigator

An individual-based program for irrigation Installers & Contractors.

Waterwise Irrigation Design Shop

An endorsement program for specialist irrigation Retailers.