Leak Allowance

Customers may be granted a “leak allowance” from their water utility if they have experienced an increase in water consumption due to a hidden leak in their irrigation system. For an application to be considered by your water utility, an appropriate form will need to be completed which may need to be signed by an endorsed Waterwise Garden Irrigator. Please check with your local utility water authority for any updates.

Leak Allowance Application
Eligibility and Criteria

Whilst the Water Corporation supplies water to the water meter, property owners are responsible for the cost of any water use registered on the water meter, as well as all water used or lost through the internal water service, and for maintaining the internal water service in good condition.

The leak that was repaired at your property may have had an effect on the water use recorded. If this is the case, we may consider granting a special allowance to offset a portion of the water wasted.

Application conditions

  • Leak allowances granted will cover only a portion of the total water use. A limit of 1000 kLs per allowance is applied
  • Internal pipework repairs are undertaken by a licensed plumbing contractor and the necessary certificate of compliance/s are completed by the relevant licensed plumbing
  • Licensed plumbing contractor must hold a current plumbing trade’s person license under the direction and control of a Licensed Plumbing Contractor, or contractor’s license as issued by the Plumbers Licensing For more information visit commerce.wa.gov.au
  • The irrigation system must (as a minimum) have a WaterMark certified manual isolation valve, a backflow prevention valve complying with AS/NZS 35, and master control solenoid installed to meet irrigation industry standards. If there is no manual isolation valve and master solenoid installed, an allowance will be assessed upon re-application, only after the irrigation system is upgraded to the required plumbing standard and regulations and is certified as such by a licensed plumbing contractor. Waterwise garden irrigators (WGI) can verify the existence of these required items.
  • WGI’s must be a part of the Waterwise Garden Irrigator Program (WGIP). Visit Waterwise Directory for a full list of participants.
  • WGI’s are not permitted to perform leak repairs or install manual isolation or backflow prevention devices on internal plumbing
  • A completed leak allowance application form is submitted (together with a copy of the licensed Plumbing contractor’s / WGI invoice) within fourteen (14) days from the date of repair.

An allowance will not be considered:

  • For leaks and/or bursts that occur on internal or external taps; internal appliances, fixtures or fittings including air conditioners, dish washers, swimming pools, hot water systems, toilet cisterns and valves
  • When the leak is visible
  • When the leak on the internal plumbing is not repaired (or verified) by a licensed plumber
  • When the garden irrigation system does not as a minimum have a manual isolation valve and master solenoid installed
  • When the internal plumbing is open ended (i.e. not connected to anything)
  • For plumbing that is not compliant with government regulations
  • For vacant or unattended premises that are not inspected and maintained regularly

Stop tap at water meter:

  • Is used by Water Corporation to temporarily stop the flow of water when carrying out routine repairs and maintenance. Customers may also use the stop tap to shut off the supply temporarily to carry out repairs to internal pipes and fittings.
  • Is not to be used for an extended period to shut off supply. If the stop tap fails, all water use remains the responsibility of the property owner. To shut off the supply for an extended period a manual isolation valve must be installed on the internal pipework for this purpose

How to Apply for Leak Allowance

  • You will need to get a licensed plumber or waterwise garden irrigator to apply on your behalf once they have completed the repairs. When your plumber repairs the leak, make sure they record the following information:
      • Date of repair
      • Meter number
      • Meter reading upon completion of the repairs
      • A description of the repair work completed
  • Download the paper-based leak allowance application form