Leaks Allowance: Aqwest, WA

Suspect you are losing water?

Aqwest supplies water to the water meter, and property owners are responsible for the cost of any water registered on the meter and for the condition and maintenance of the internal plumbing. If you have a leak at your property, this will affect the amount of water you have used. If the leak has been repaired by a licensed plumber or Waterwise Garden Irrigator (WGI), then you may be eligible for an allowance to offset a portion of the water used.

The application form must be completed a licensed plumber of WGI and submitted to Aqwest within one (1) month of the date of repair.

Are you losing water?
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Leak Allowance Application Eligibility and Criteria

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Application conditions

  • Repairs must be completed by a licensed plumber, or in the case of a leak in garden reticulation, an endorsed Waterwise Garden Irrigator (WGI), who has completed an Aqwest leak allowance application form. 
  • The water loss is not visible and is supported by the leak allowance claim form.
  • The leak allowance application form must be provided to Aqwest within one (1) month of the date of repair.
  • The leak must be repaired within one (1) month from identification of the leak.
  • An leak allowance will only be assessed on values greater than $250.00 per claim. Claims of lesser value will not be considered. 
  • A leak allowance will only be granted to a property owner once every five (5) years.
  • An allowance would be considered only after a plumber or WGI report showing the irrigation system has been brought up to irrigation industry standards (including a manual isolation valve and master solenoid) and with all leaks repaired. 
  • As a leak allowance can only be allocated to a property owner once every five years, it is important that customers understand their responsibility to maintain their internal water service. 
  • Customers should frequently read their meter and record usage to help identify leaks early.

An allowance will not be considered:

  • Where it can be shown that the loss was visible or clearly should have been detected.
  • Where the internal service was patently sub-standard and does not meet Australian Plumbing Standard AS/NZ3500.
  • For leaks and/or bursts that occur on internal or external taps; internal appliances, fixtures or fittings including dishwashers, hot water systems, toilet cisterns and valves. 
  • Where the leak on the internal plumbing is not required (or verified) by a licensed plumber.
  • Where the garden irrigation system does not as a minimum have a manual isolation valve and master solenoid installed.
  • Where the leak allowance application form is not provided to Aqwest within one (1) month of the date of repair.


The amount of the allowance which may be granted shall be determined by reference to: 

  • The increase of consumption compared to the previous consumption for the same period, based on three or less. Consumption is based on the kilolitres used.
  • Where the leak has occurred over more than one meter reading period, the calculated allowance shall be completed on the most current read that includes the repair.
  • Aqwest infrastructure – if water loss is caused by a fault with Aqwest infrastructure an allowance may be available. Please contact Aqwest to discuss your specific case.

How to apply for leak allowance

Apply online through Aqwest's website.