New Lawns & Garden Exemptions: Water Corporation, WA

About water exemptions

An exemption will allow you to water your lawn or garden outside the watering roster, to help it establish.

Both manual and automatic irrigation qualify for an exemption. Please be mindful a watering exemption may influence your water use and result in a higher water bill.

You can also apply for a watering exemption if you have a garden bore.

Watering more often to establish a new lawn or garden without a watering exemption is considered a sprinkler breach and can result in an infringement.

Water Exemptions for New Gardens and Lawns
Water Corporation

When to apply

Watering exemptions commence on the day the lawn or garden is installed.

Application conditions

  • Only apply for a water exemption on the day your lawn or garden is installed, this ensures that you get the full length of the exemption.
  • If you have already installed your lawn or garden you can still apply. You will be provided with an exemption for the remainder of the period from the date of installation.

How to apply

Watering exemption forms are completed online through Water Corporation’s website.

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