Learn how to save water: Smart Controllers

Revolutionise your watering with advanced controllers

In an era where water conservation is more crucial than ever, smart controllers stand at the forefront of eco-friendly technology, offering an innovative solution for managing irrigation systems efficiently. These advanced devices empower homeowners and professionals alike to optimize their watering schedules based on real-time weather conditions and the unique needs of their landscapes.

From the convenience of your smartphone or tablet, brands like Rain Bird, Hunter, and Orbit are transforming the way we approach irrigation. With features such as remote access, off-site management, real-time alerts, and advanced water management tools, smart controllers like the Rain Bird LNK WiFi Module, Hunter's Hydrawise™ Commercial Controller, and Orbit's B-hyve Smart Sprinkler Timer App are setting new standards in saving water and ensuring the health of your garden.

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The Watershed Water Systems

The Watershed Water Systems

Controller Rebate Program Leaks Allowance

The Watershed Water Systems has been designing and installing Irrigation and Water Management Systems in Perth since 1989. Demands on this precious resource mean we have to employ the means to do more with less. Twice winning the WA irrigation...

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Rain Bird

Rain Bird LNK WiFi Module

You'll learn how this works for contractors and homeowners

Rain Bird LNK Wifi Module: Installation, Setup, and Connection

Information on how to download the app, check WIFI signal strength, installing and linking, and how to share access.

Rain Bird Mobile App: Advanced Features (UK/AUS)

Learn how to get the best out of the mobile app

Rain Bird WiFi Enabled Controllers

Rain Bird helps both professionals and homeowners take control of their irrigation systems through powerful yet simple to use wifi-enabled irrigation controllers.

Rain Bird Mobile App: Basic Features (UK/AUS)

Learn now to look at the rain sensor, weather forecast, seasonal adjustment and more

How To Set Up the Rain Bird RC2 Controller

Watch the step-by-step instructions for setting up the Rain Bird RC2 Controller.

Rain Bird RC2 Controller - Advanced Features

Learn about predictive weather delay, seasonal adjustmnet, namging zones, manual watering and push notifications.

Hydrawise™ Commercial Controller (HCC): Wi-Fi Control for Up to 54 Stations

Hunter's Next-generation HCC controller combines the convenience of web-based irrigation management with the power to control larger commercial projects.

How to program your Hunter X-Core Retic control box

Mr Retic guides you through basic intro and programming.


How to Set Up Smart Watering on the B-hyve Smart Sprinkler Timer App

In this video we show you show to set-up your smart watering on the Orbit B-hyve app

Pairing the B-hyve Indoor Outdoor Timer ABCD

Instructions on how to pair the second generation B-hyve indoor/outdoor underground timer.

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