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Did you know different types of sprinklers have different watering rates? Knowing what kind of sprinklers you have on each station will ensure you set optimal run times so your garden gets the water it needs while avoiding overwatering.

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Think Water - Broome

Think Water - Broome

Think Water Broome is a family-owned and operated business who provides quality total water management services throughout the Kimberley and Pilbara regions. "We aim to make a difference not just a sale, you will never walk away with an empty...

08 9192 6606
BROOME, Western Australia

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Type of Sprinklers

Dripline Benefits

How dripline sprinklers work and useage tips.

Hunter Dripline (HDL) Product Guide

Learn about installation and watering options.

Micro spray sprinklers

Learn more about how micro-spray sprinklers deliver water.

Pop-up & fixed spray sprinklers

Learn now to look at the rain sensor, weather forecast, seasonal adjustment and more

Rotary Sprinklers

Tips on getting the best out of rotary sprinklers

Adjusting a Hunter Rotor: Rotor Right Stop Adjustment

The benefits of ajusting a rotor sprinker.This technique works for all rotors including Hunter's popular PGP, PGP-Ultra, PGJ and SRM.

Gear Drive Rotar Sprinklers

Learn how they work and the best situations to use the rotar sprinkler.

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