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Drought and water restrictions in many parts of Australia have shown us that water is a scarce and precious resource. Many gardeners have found to their surprise that their plants survived, even thrived, despite receiving less water due to restrictions. In other words, most gardens are regularly over-watered. Just because water restrictions permit watering at a certain time doesn’t mean you need to water. And even where there are no restrictions we should all be doing our best to conserve water. Reducing the water you give your plants will also save your time, effort and money and you will still have a healthy garden.

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WA Reticulation Supplies - Midland

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Readily Available Water


To -20 kPA

Water sensitive crops such as vegetables and some tropical fruits should be irrigated

Soil Type Value (mm/m)
Sand 35mm/m
Sandy loam 45mm/m
Loam 50mm/m
Clay loam 30mm/m
Light clay 25mm/m
Medium to heavy clay 25mm/m

To -40 kPA

Most fruit crops and table grapes, most tropical fruits

Soil Type Value (mm/m)
Sand 35mm/m
Sandy loam 60mm/m
Loam 70mm/m
Clay loam 55mm/m
Light clay 45mm/m
Medium to heavy clay 45mm/m

To -60 kPA

Lucerne, most pasture, crops such as maize and soybeans, and grapes

Soil Type Value (mm/m)
Sand 35mm/m
Sandy loam 65mm/m
Loam 85mm/m
Clay loam 65mm/m
Light clay 55mm/m
Medium to heavy clay 55mm/m

To -100 kPA

Annual pastures and hardy crops such as cotton, sorghum and winter cereals

Soil Type Value (mm/m)
Sand 40mm/m
Sandy loam 70mm/m
Loam 90mm/m
Clay loam 80mm/m
Light clay 70mm/m
Medium to heavy clay 65mm/m
Water Guage

To -1500 kPA

Available Water (AW) is the total water available in the soil. Plants stress well before this level is reached.

Soil Type Value (mm/m)
Sand 60mm/m
Sandy loam 115mm/m
Loam 150mm/m
Clay loam 150mm/m
Light clay 150mm/m
Medium to heavy clay 140mm/m

Measuring with Catch Cups

Learn how to work out the precipitation rate of your irrigation system with catch cups.

More about catch cups Selected Waterwise Irrigation Design Shops can provide a free set or you can make your own using plastic containers marked up with 1-10mm on the side.

Backyard reticulation & turf installation

From Mr Retic YouTube Channel.

Backyard waterwise reticulation installation

Watch Mr Retic install this system in a garden.

Garden Guardians: Clay

Check out this intro video on how to add clay to amend sandy soil.

Garden Guardians: Slow release fertiliser

Learn more about slow release fertisilers and the long term benefits.

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