New Lawns & Garden Exemptions: Aqwest, WA

About water exemptions

If you are establishing a new lawn, you can register with Aqwest for a temporary exemption from the watering roster. The exemption enables people to water every day of the week when they have a new lawn, rather than adhere to the two day a week watering roster. People will still be required to pay for the water they use.

Water exemptions for new lawns and gardens
Water Corporation

When to apply

Watering exemption applications completed online through Aqwest’s website. The exemptions from the watering roster are for five weeks any time between 1 May to 30 September or six weeks between 1 October and 30 April and only apply to the establishment of new lawns.

How to apply

Apply for a watering exemption through Aqwest's website. Your exemption will apply for up to 42 days from the day of planting during spring and summer. If your exemption is granted during autumn and winter then you are able to water for up to 35 days from the day of planting.

Apply Now

Go to the Aqwest website to apply.

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