New Lawns & Garden Exemptions: Bussleton Water, WA

About water exemptions

In some circumstances, customers using scheme water can apply for an exemption to sprinkler bans and other water restrictions.

Water exemptions for new lawns and gardens
Water Corporation

When to apply

You may apply for an exemption to water outside current water roster restrictions if you have planted a new lawn or garden. Garden beds planted at the same time as laying the lawn may be included in the exemption. Exemptions for new lawns are issued from the date that the new lawn is installed.

What qualifies for an exemption?

  • Lawns – must include laying the whole lawn area ie front, back or side on corner blocks. Garden beds planted at the same time as the lawn is laid are included in the lawn.
  • Verges – an exemption will be considered if the verge is greater than 50 square metres.
  • Gardens – must including planting of the whole area not just part of it. If you have existing lawn and have only put in garden beds, exemption is not available.


If reticulation is installed by a landscape contractor, builder or developer, the owner is responsible for any breach of the exemption conditions. Please check that your reticulation controllers are correctly set and have an adequate battery back-up in case of interruption to the main power source as a loss of power is not a valid reason for any breach of exemption conditions. Some older reticulation systems do not have the function to pre-programmed two specific watering days per week and exemptions are not available.

How to apply

Visit the Busselton Water website to apply

Apply online