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Brookwell Irrigation specialises in both domestic and large commercial irrigation maintenance. Brookwell Irrigation offers their clients a caring relationship-based company, committed to providing old-fashioned reliable service. We can advise on the requirements to correct faults and problems and have the ability to work within budget along side of maintaining high standards at all times.

Regardless of your needs if you have a problem with your reticulation system we can either fix it or replace it. Whether you require maintenance of an existing reticulation system or supplying and installing a brand new system we have the expert knowledge so it can be done perfectly tailored for your needs.

  • Maintenance work consists of the following:
  • Pump faults
  • Filtration service
  • Valve faults
  • Wiring problems
  • Installing controllers
  • Fixing controller program faults
  • Trouble shooting system faults
  • Replacement of sprinklers & nozzles as required
  • Water Leak allowance checks
  • Controller WiFi rebate checks

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