Waterwise Community Workshop

Our Integrated Water Supply Scheme - Waterwise Community Workshop

Rainfall… Once the key supplier of water for irrigation has been steadily declining in Western Australia, particularly over the last 40 years. Join us, as we breakdown what’s happened and how there are measures being put in place to save precious water.

Explaining Seasonal Adjustment

As the seasons change, so do the water needs of your lawn and garden. Luckily, most irrigation controllers have something called a ‘seasonal adjustment’ setting which takes the guesswork out for you.


The water cycle shows how interconnected all water supplies are and how it is important to understand the journey, every water molecule makes. Tune in to this workshop as we list the reasons why groundwater is so important, how much of it is accessible & the way we can harvest it.

Irrigation Controllers

The irrigation controller is the heart of the irrigation system. They vary massively in complexity & capability, but always remain incredibly important. In this workshop, you’ll learn about the many different types of irrigation controllers, their purpose & why exactly you must have one.

Irrigation Practices

Simple measures to improve efficiency… There are simple & easily achievable Irrigation Practices available that improve irrigation & water efficiency and are great horticulture practices. 

System Evaluation

Measuring application rates & calculating runtimes… System Evaluation is critical to an effective & efficient irrigation system. The principles of irrigation efficiency revolve around multiple core principles…

Soil Water

An important consideration… Soil Water is an extremely important consideration for irrigation. Soil is generally formed in one of three states…