Waterwise Irrigation Design Shop

The Waterwise Irrigation Design Shop Program was developed to improve water-use efficiency in garden watering systems by raising the standard of design and advice offered by specialist irrigation retailers through education and compliance to the program’s standards.

The Program was first developed in WA in partnership with Water Corporation, and was further introduced to the South West region of WA in partnership with Busselton Water & Aqwest.


Systems installed under this program are required to be installed to defined specifications. Although some of the specifications might relate to installation rather than design, we deem it relevant and important that the designer should be aware of best practice installation techniques and to be competent to offer appropriate installation advice to their DIY customers.

Every full-time retail staff member in such a store must undergo training (this includes a study phase and online exams). For a store to become endorsed each staff member must undertake the entry process and achieve 100% in the final examination before that particular store can be endorsed as a Waterwise Irrigation Design Shop. It is also a condition of membership of the Program that any NEW full-time employee employed by an endorsed Waterwise Irrigation Design Shop must similarly be trained and complete the entry criteria within a 90 day period of his/her first date of employment within that store.

Part-time, casual, and back-office employees are also encouraged to join the Program by undergoing the same endorsement criteria, but this is not a condition for endorsement of that store.

The training covers the most important principles governing sprinkler and drip irrigation design and operation in a domestic situation, but does not intend to cover irrigation design principles for larger-scale commercial design and installation.

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