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It's Spring and time to check in your garden and green spaces Reticulation is working well

Waterwise Drip Irrigation System
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Mr. Retic - Backyard Waterwise
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With this wet summer in Perth this year it's a great idea to turn off those Retic Controllers!

Mr. Retic - How to program your Hunter X-Core Retic control box

Adjusting a Hunter Rotor: Rotor Right Stop Adjustment

Pro-C Irrigation Controller Basic: 02, Setting Start Time

Hydrawise™ Commercial Controller (HCC): Wi-Fi Control for Up to 54 Stations

Readily Available Water (RAW)

To -20 kPa

Water sensitive crops such as vegetables and some tropical fruits should be irrigated

Sand: 35 mm/m
Sandy loam: 45 mm/m
Loam: 50 mm/m
Clay loam: 30 mm/m
Light clay: 25 mm/m
Medium to heavy clay: 25 mm/m

To -40 kPa

Most fruit crops and table grapes, most tropical fruits

Sand: 35 mm/m
Sandy loam: 60 mm/m
Loam: 70 mm/m
Clay loam: 55 mm/m
Light clay: 45 mm/m
Medium to heavy clay: 45 mm/m

To -60 kPa

Lucerne, most pasture, crops such as maize and soybeans, and grapes

Sand: 35 mm/m
Sandy loam: 65 mm/m
Loam: 85 mm/m
Clay loam: 65 mm/m
Light clay: 55 mm/m
Medium to heavy clay: 55 mm/m

To -100 kPa

Annual pastures and hardy crops such as cotton, sorghum and winter cereals

Sand: 40 mm/m
Sandy loam: 70 mm/m
Loam: 90 mm/m
Clay loam: 80 mm/m
Light clay: 70 mm/m
Medium to heavy clay: 65 mm/m

To -1500 kPa

Available Water (AW) is the total water available in the soil. Plants stress well before this level is reached.

Sand: 60 mm/m
Sandy loam: 115 mm/m
Loam: 150 mm/m
Clay loam: 150 mm/m
Light clay: 150 mm/m
Medium to heavy clay: 140 mm/m